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Another winter storm is advancing northeast across the Midwest. It's brought a heavy band of snow that's been mixed at times with sleet and freezing rain in my southeastern counties. The mix has cut the expected accumulations down where its occurred. The wintry mess will taper to light snow and flurries as Tuesday morning progresses. By the time it all ends, this is roughly what I'm expecting for total snowfall...mix and all.

These are snow reports on the Iowa Mesonet as of 3:30 am.

As the snow tapers to flurries early Tuesday, the wind is expected to pick up. Gusts in some areas will likely reach 35 to 40 mph. This will create considerable blowing and drifting of snow in the open country, mainly where there was no sleet or freezing rain to compress the fresh powder. Here's some forecast gusts (in knots) Tuesday afternoon. Add an extra 5 to convert to mph.

Late in the day the winds will start tapping much colder air and temperatures will tumble Tuesday night towards zero.

Wind chills are headed for that biting range of 10-20 below.

For the most part the weather looks cold and quiet the rest of the week. The next chance of snow does not arrive until Sunday. We'll sort that situation out in the coming days. I'm not feeling 100% so I'm going to cut this short. I think all the action the past 4-5 weeks has caught up with me! Roll weather...TS

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