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Greetings everybody. The snow numbers for February are in and Waterloo gets the golden shovel award. They piled up 31.1" making February 2019 the snowiest on record, crushing the old mark by nearly 7". Here in Cedar Rapids we ended up in 4th place with 21.2"

Seasonal numbers continue to go up. Waterloo is nearly 30 inches above normal with a current total of 57.2". If the snow season stopped today this would be the 4th snowiest winter ever. Keep going Waterloo, plenty of time to get that record!

Not much snow in the picture the next few days (unless you are in Missouri) as a massive Arctic high builds into the upper Midwest. You can see the beast 1052 mb crossing Montana Sunday morning. Note the packed isobars indicating brisk winds that will gust over 30mph.

The combination of wind and cold will get wind chills into the range of 20-30 below zero in my area Sunday night.

Monday morning sub-zero lows are widespread.

Here's regional perspective. The EURO shows 12 below in Cedar Rapids which would tie the record.

These are the record lows for the major cities in my viewing area Monday. All of them appear to be in jeopardy.

The circled cities below have a high likelihood of reaching records Monday morning.

The high pressure will keep the pattern around the Midwest cold and dry through Wednesday. Finally, the pattern breaks down Thursday with the potential of a decent snow system. While we're still at least 5 days away there is decent consistency among models on the evolution of the storm.

The EURO shows this.

The GFS has this.

Over the next 15 days the EURO EPS ensemble shows this for snowfall

The GFS ensembles have this for snowfall over the next 16 days.

The big takeaway in all this is that if it's not the cold it's the snow. We've got both in what looks to be wintry 6-10 days here in the central Midwest. Roll weather and enjoy your weekend! TS

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