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As we all slept Saturday night Arctic air was creeping closer to the Midwest. Here are the temperatures as of midnight Sunday...

Temperatures will drop through the day Sunday and afternoon temperatures will be in the single digits... and below zero in some spots.

Temperatures will continue to drop and bottom out Monday morning to near record levels. Temperatures 25 to 35 degrees below normal...

Many records will be in jeopardy Monday morning across the Midwest.

Add some wind to that and it will feel even colder. Wind chills will be well below zero and at pretty unusual levels for March.

Temperatures will then struggle to rise in the afternoon. More records could go down for the coldest high temperatures for March 4th - despite sunshine.

We'll be within a few degrees of the coldest high temperatures recorded in the month of March, too. Temperatures will begin to moderate through the week, but will still remain below normal and below freezing...

At least we don't have to shovel cold!


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