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It surely seems like we've been turning the corner into the fall season lately. If you were outside on Saturday it felt more like an October day than the last day of August. In general, temperatures the last seven days have been well below normal...

High temperatures have generally been int he 70s. There was one warm day in there, last Thursday, when temperatures got into the 80s for the first time in over a week in parts of the Upper Midwest. In fact, this August much of my local area has gone without a 90-degree day. It's the first time that's happened since 2010.

Now that we're heading closer to fall (meteorological fall - Sept. 1, fall equinox - Sept. 23), there will be plenty of ups and downs in the temperatures.

Temperatures will be 5-10 degrees warmer Sunday compared to Saturday -

The humidity will begin to go up, too, and will stay up through Tuesday of the new week. Dew points go from the upper 50s Sunday, which is nice and comfortable to the 60s Sunday through Tuesday.

Temperatures will also be much warmer Monday and Tuesday. Warmer air will be pulled in ahead of a weak cold front.

Monday's highs -

Tuesday's highs -

The cold front will sweep through late Tuesday and may produce a few showers and thunderstorms. However, there is uncertainty on the timing and coverage of these storms at the moment. There should be plenty of instability around for some storms to pop ahead of the front.

Behind the front, the fall-like weather returns.. Temperatures go back near and below normal and the humidity drops as well..

Summer will pop in for a few days, but in general fall has begun to take over.


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