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Hi everybody and thanks for taking the time to read this. Back in 2013 (8 years this November), I decided I could make a bigger difference in people's lives by starting a weather website dedicated to the people of the Midwest. It was my aim to drill into the specifics of what it takes to produce a forecast with the goal of teaching others how to read the weather charts and be a part of the forecasting process. For 45 years I've committed my life to serving others through meteorology and I wanted to share with you the thoughts, insights, and challenges that shape forecast strategy. The whole idea was to offer users a perspective they couldn't get anywhere experienced, personalized, in-depth, behind the scenes look at what was about to happen in their back yard.

Running a website like this does require working capital. Despite the many hours I devote to preparing my blogs, I do not pay myself, but I do pay our weather contributors as their incredible work in writing blogs and analysis deserves compensation. Then there are legal fees, server expenses, hosting fees and data sites I pay to get the best weather information possible.

For the first six years, I was able to subsidize the site and its expenses through my employment as a television meteorologist. However, that financial outlet no longer exists and social security only goes so far. The investment of time and effort is just too much to end up losing money with a daughter going to college. To the point, I'm proposing a voluntary one year subscription for the service I'm providing. While any amount helps, I'm asking you to consider paying $12 for a year long subscription. (That's $1 dollar per month, which I hope you think is a darn good value, especially if I've helped or entertained you these past 8 years).

Your generosity will allow me to continue my goal of providing the very best weather information I can for my area and beyond. I also won't have to get a part time job and end the site. I sincerely want to be the source you can count on when the skies threaten. It's my mission to be out in front of the weather so you aren't caught with your pants down. Whether your business is farming, building houses, cutting grass, or plowing snow, you can depend on me for accurate forecasts to make strong personal and financial decisions. After 45 years I remain committed to you.

Thank you so much for considering a contribution and rest assured that you will get what you pay for and then some. You have my word on that. The support form is safe, secure, and has nothing to do with Facebook, Just click on the green box below and fill in the specifics. The future of TSwails is in your hands.


T. Swails

Since its inception has grown to a point where there are 1.8 million active users with nearly 11 million page views. Virtually every country in the world has weather enthusiasts who tune in to see what's going on with Midwest weather. That is very gratifying and something I never saw coming! A pat on the back to everyone who made it happen.

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