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The remnants of Typhoon Hagibis have now advanced to the the Bearing Sea and the Alaskan coast. This will work in tandem to first warm the Midwest up towards the weekend and then chill us next week and many of the remaining days of October.

On this chart showing surface pressure around North America, you can pick out what's left of Hagibis (a deep low pressure) just south of Alaska.

In the longer term, that energy will pump up the west coast ridge and bring a deep trough into the central U.S. in 6 days (144 hours). Check it out below.

The trough brings a pretty healthy shot of cold air by the start of next week. You can see the temperature departures Monday October 22nd below.

Once the flow buckles it looks like a very chilly pattern will be with us into early November. Halloween could be brisk and rather ghastly. Check these departures out October 31st.

Pretty interesting how something that passed through the tropical Pacific, Japan, and now Alaska can impact our weather in such an "impactful way"! Weather is nothing more than dominoes...that's a T. Swails quote.

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