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Yes, it's January. It's normal for us to have cold air outbreaks. What's been abnormal is the lack of cold and lack of snow prior to two weeks ago. Now we've got a snowpack down across much of the Upper Midwest.

With the snow on the ground and an arctic airmass in place the bitter cold continues for a few more days.

Here's a look at Monday's temperatures....

And Tuesday's....

Similar to Sunday there may be some light snow showers/ flurries on both Monday and Tuesday.

Temperatures start to moderate some (20s and 30s) on Wednesday through the end of the week. However, as that happens there will be a series of systems that move through the area and lead to some more wintry precipitation (mainly snow).

There's the potential for snow (and possibly a mix) once again Thursday and Friday this week. The strongest system this week comes through the Midwest Friday (what's with the Fridays?!)

It's too soon to know the exact track of this storm and it's intensity. However, the difference from this past system is that it will be a more "traditional"/ more organized system with closed low pressure that the surface.

This will be a system to watch as we go through this week.


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