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This Valentines Day weekend you will "love" the President's Day specials going on at Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena. There's something for everybody and that includes plenty of snow. There's currently a 42-70" base and some fresh Galena powder. There's never been a better time to plan a trip to the Midwest's Premier Year Round Resort. Tell 'em TSwails sent you, with love!


The winter storm that crossed the area Wednesday produced snow totals around the central Midwest that looked like this. A pretty general 1-4 inch snow from eastern Iowa and points east and south.

The addition of fresh snow and arctic air in the wake of the system took a toll on temperatures. Thursday evening readings are as much as 45 degrees colder than just 24 hours earlier. These are the departures.

Expect a frigid start to your Friday. Lows will be well below zero with the GFS showing numbers that look like this.

Friday evening the Arctic high and the core of the cold shifts east allowing the return flow of southerly winds.

That means a nice warm-up Saturday with temperatures 20-30 degrees warmer than Friday.

The result, highs that should be near or even a couple degrees above freezing. Out of the deep freeze!

However, the next front is hot on the trail and as that comes through Saturday afternoon with a chance of a few rain or snow showers but amounts look very light and spotty.

No sooner is that gone when the next disturbance arrives Sunday night. Again, some light rain south and snow north looks likely. Amounts are generally around 1/10th of an inch or less. That could produce a wet inch of snow, mainly up around hwy 20. Some lingering rain or snow showers are possible into Monday and then its gone.

After that the rest of the week looks seasonally cool and quiet. Snow systems look confined to the upper Midwest and the EURO shows this for snowfall the next 10 days.

I guess the screaming message here is that after the cold departs Friday the weather looks kinder and gentler than its been the last 2 weeks. Ho hum...Today though, burn some love...Happy Valentine's Day and of course roll weather...TS

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