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The jet stream winds have been roaring in out of the west the past few days. That's brought heat and smoke from wild fires that plagued the west last week into the Midwest this week. You can see the smoke in the GOES hi-res satellite imagery below.

What you can't see is the heat. The high (in storm ridden Cedar Rapids) hit 94 degrees Monday. That's the hottest temperature of the summer and joins only 4 other days this year where the high reached 90 or above. Upper level winds will be conducive for more of the same in coming days. This is the projected 500mb jet mid-week. You can also see what's expected to be a formidable hurricane in the Gulf.

Highs the next 3 days are projected to be in the 90s. Here's what the EURO has for readings the rest of the week in Cedar Rapids.

There is a silver lining in the sense humidity levels will be less than in other warm spells we've seen this summer. The drier air allows warmer highs but it keeps heat index values in check. In fact, Wednesday the EURO has both the high and heat index at 95. Still hot but doable.

Unfortunately the dry air means limited rain chances. Many of my counties are running 3 inch rainfall deficits during August. These are rainfall departures around the central Midwest since July 15th.

These numbers will only get worse this week. The EURO has this for total rainfall through Friday morning.

Something to watch long term is the MJO cycling into phases 2 and 3. Those are both favorable for a mean trough over the east and cool temperatures in the Midwest.That's certainly what I'm seeing after the heat breaks this weekend. Look at this 500mb set-up September 8th. Chilly times there.

The associated temperature departures

By the way, don't be surprised to see a major hurricane in the southeast around September 5th. There are strong signals that the gun is loaded for such a development. OK, that's a wrap for now. Stay cool and roll weather...TS

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