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Sunday was a soggy day for some around the Upper Midwest as rain streamed in. It wasn't necessarily heavy rain but it was a nice drink of water for the drought stricken area. This is just the beginning of what will be an active week with multiple chances for rain.

Today a cold front started moving through Iowa and tomorrow an area of low pressure will pass south of the state - bringing a higher chance of widespread rain and thunderstorms:

Rain will be falling for much of the day on Monday. Here's a look at a loop of the rain from 4 am Monday to around midnight:

Rain will be pretty steady with some embedded thunderstorms possible. Rainfall totals should be pretty hefty for October standards, around an inch with some locally higher amounts (up to two inches) possible:

Temperatures will definitely be held back by the clouds and the rain:

Tuesday will be a dry day and the sun should come out after the clouds clear in the morning:

Another storm system will then move in on Wednesday with another cold front moving in:

Rainfall totals likely won't be as high as Monday but still decent!

We'll definitely want to soak this in because it looks like the pattern turns dry once again for the second half of the month:

Stay dry!



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