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After some excitement the last few days the weather will be calming down around these parts. Very large hail fell in central Iowa on Friday.. you can see the reports here:

Some golf ball and larger size hail fell around Des Moines:

And then showers produced cold air funnels and even reports of tornadoes to the southeast on Saturday:

Here's a look at the brief tornado in Illinois:

This was not a typical tornado set up -- it was due to low pressure in overhead and at the surface. That lead to enough spin in the atmosphere for funnel clouds to form. There was enough instability for these storms to become surface based and for the funnels to touch down, becoming tornadoes. In this environment, the tornadoes did not last very long. There was some crop and tree damage reported.

Now high pressure is moving in and will be hanging out for a few days:

We'll be dry for a few days as a result. Some clouds may be lingering Sunday and temperatures will be held to near and below 80:

And temperatures will be pretty similar Monday and Tuesday with more sunshine:

Enjoy some calmer weather and hopefully you got rain if you needed it! RK


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