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Not many people have to dream of a white Christmas this year (unless you live in the south where you're always dreaming). After our most recent storm there's snow on the ground in a large chunk of the country:

Compare that to last year and yeah certainly more of the white gold on the ground now:

To get the snow we went through brutal cold and blizzard conditions between Thursday and Friday. Now we're on the other side of the storm and gradually crawling out of the deep freeze. The arctic air, though, still very evident Saturday evening:

This time last year we had 40s and 50s... this Christmas will likely be the coldest one since the year 2000:

On top of the snow on the ground, a clipper will move through and bring in more snow late Sunday night into Monday morning:

There's still some differences in the models with the intensity of this system and snowfall totals... here's a look at the Euro:

The outlier of the GFS, a bit more vigorous:


And the NWS forecast:

With how cold it is, the snow should be pretty fluffy so 1-3" would be a safe bet for the region. This won't be a high impact event, but will lead to slick streets for anyone traveling for the holidays or work Sunday night into Monday morning.

Temperatures remain cold on Monday afternoon, but considering where we've been it shouldn't feel too bad!

Some warmer air will be coming in next week. We'll talk more about that in my next post.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to you and yours. I hope everyone has a safe day filled with family, friends, and food.



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