Let me just start this post by congratulating Rebecca Kopelman on her NWA (National Weather Association) seal. Rebecca, known to many of you as RK helps me with the page on the weekends so I can get a breather now and then. Along with the NWA seal, she has a master's degree from Mississippi State and her degree in Meteorology from the University of Florida (A Gator). The young lady is a prodigy and we all benefit from her forecasts and insights on this page. Please join me in giving her a hearty pat on the back for this professional accomplishment. Nice going RK!

That brings me to the weekend and while there are still some chances for rain, trends the last couple of days are for lighter amounts and a more southern emphasis, at least until Sunday night. Overall, the weather looks better.

This development is due to the blocking effects of high pressure over the Great Lakes and the dry air it maintains through Sunday. With the better forcing, moisture, and baroclinic boundary well to the south, any rain that falls in my area is likely to be light. You can see the wall of dry air that must be overcome for precipitation Friday morning by way of water vapor (PWAT'S). They are running 30-40 percent below mid-May standards.

These are the projected water vapor values Friday morning.