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Hazy skies and warm temperatures will highlight the rest of the holiday weekend. The haze is actually smoke from Canadian forest fires that has spread all the way to the Midwest. Despite the smoke, temperatures will be warmer and highs should approach 90 later today and remain at that level through Tuesday.

Current indications are that rain chances will be minimal until Tuesday night until a front can make inroads into the Midwest. At this time what rain falls looks to be scattered and light. Chances look much better for significant storms and rain later Friday.

By the way I've had a terrific response with the announcement of StormFest. Tickets are moving but plenty of seats remain at this time. For more information or to obtain tickets click on the banner below. Hope you have a happy 4th of July! is proud to present its first annual StormFest. It's a day long celebration of extreme weather in the Midwest that includes a half day of seminars followed by a free outdoor concert . Experts from around the region including three National Weather Service offices, will cover a wide array of topics including the 2020 derecho, (the worst thunderstorm in U.S. history). violent tornadoes of the Midwest, (including in depth programs on the twin EF5's that battered Charles City and Oelwein 1968, the Parkersburg EF5, and the Joplin superstorm, the worst tornado in modern day history.


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