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It was 85 degrees in the Quad Cities today, just one degree from the record high. (One more biscuit for breakfast and we would have made it). Record or not, it was just a sensational day. I spent it unloading PODS, movin and groovin 8x16 moving crates stuffed with everything I own. As I write this you can see what the living room and kitchen look like Tuesday night. Crap everywhere.

You can also see the liter of diet Dew which is getting me through this post. I'm too dang old to do this type of labor. Wednesday I have some real muscle coming to transfer the heavy stuff such as the treadmill and assorted furniture items.

After 3 moves in 6 years, (2 in a year) you would think I would have gotten rid of unwanted and unnecessary items. Wrong. On a positive note, I did find my brick from the EF5 more Oklahoma tornado, a nice conversation piece which I did not uncover in my last move. The brick is actually broken in half and the hole in the brick used for mortar was blown clean and stuffed with dirt, mud, debris. It's rock solid, you can't even push it out. Often times I've wished that battered brick could talk, what a story it could tell.

The tornado that plastered it with 210 mph winds

The pile of debris the brick came to me from. What a somber reminder of the power of nature.

Moving on, a cool front will bring a decline in temperatures Wednesday as it sags southward through the entire area by mid afternoon. Highs are likely to hold in the mid 60s north to the low 70s south...a good 15 degrees cooler than 24 hours earlier.

The front also has the potential to produce a few showers and even a stray thunderstorm Wednesday but the forcing remains weak until Wednesday night. I don't look for much out of the daytime set-up and most areas will see little if any rain. With better dynamics and a developing wave along the front Wednesday night and Thursday morning, some rain could work its way back into the area. Amounts in the north would be light and it's possible some areas may not see any rain at all. Further south, especially near and south of HWY 34 many areas stand a chance of seeing rains of 1/2 inch or more. Here's what models indicate for rainfall totals.



The 3k NAM

After highs in the 60s Thursday and Friday the flow turns westerly once more and another surge of warmth arrives for the weekend. Highs again will head for the range of 75-80 and seriously, who's not fine with that? Time for bed, the movers will be here at 8:00am. I'm ready to get the transition over with! Roll weather...TS


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