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After a cooler day on Saturday we're going to soar well, well above freezing on Sunday. In fact, it will be the warmest day we've had all year! Of course, that's not hard to do in February....

This time of year it takes a lot of wind to get temperatures like this... so it isn't going to be completely pleasant but it will certainly be warm! Wind gusts may top 40 mph in the late morning and early afternoon:

The warmth and wind is due to a warm front lifting north across the region. And where there is a warm front a cold front will follow. That front moves through Sunday night and starts to draw down cooler air on Monday (the afternoon will still be mild for some of us):

The cold front will stall out in southern Iowa and a storm will move along it Monday night into Tuesday. This system will be challenging because we're going to be dealing with different types of precipitation:

The GFS shows all four types of precipitation in the region: snow, sleet, freezing rain, and snow:

This will be difficult to determine due to the temperatures above the surface. Check out the temperatures 5,000 feet up on Monday night (in Celsius)... temperatures are above freezing (0 degrees) that means the snow will melt and either fall as sleet or melt completely and freeze on contact at the surface (freezing rain):

It will depend on how deep the warm layer is in the atmosphere. Regardless, there will be ice and some dicey conditions on Tuesday morning as a result. Here's the latest thoughts from the National Weather Service:

We'll continue to update you as the outcome becomes more clear!


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