After a frosty start in many areas, Wednesday turned into a pretty nice spring day with plenty of sunshine and light winds. And thanks to the combination of dry air and sunshine, highs overachieved a bit reaching 63-65 across the board. The quiet pattern is the result of of a sprawling high pressure that's been slow to drift east. You can see the center of the big boy situated over Milwaukee Wednesday evening.

Clearly evident on the satellite is the dry air under the high that's confined moisture, clouds, and precipitation to the deep south. That's a pretty good push for mid-May.

It's resulted in temperature departures over the past 5 days that look like this. Ouch, way below average! It's interesting to note that after starting May with two days of highs in the range of 85-90, the month is now running about 2 degrees below normal. It's been all downhill since May 4th.

Under the high Wednesday morning, lows were again cold enough for frost with readings in the low to mid 30s. The mercury hit 32 in Independence, Monticello, and Freeport. Even Moline dipped to 33 as did Dubuque