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There is not much happening in the weather world in the Upper Midwest... and it will remain that way for the next several days. This has partially to due with the remnants of Ian keeping us in a blocking (omega) pattern:

This is a pattern with a low pressure to the east and west and high pressure sandwiched in the middle. We're under the high pressure system, leading to seasonal temperatures and quiet conditions.

Sunday will be much of the same of what happened Saturday, sunny with temperatures in the 70s:

And similar weather on Monday:

And just slightly warmer on Tuesday:

Anddd Wednesday:

A cold front will come through on Wednesday with some clouds, but little to no precipitation with it. Temperatures come down slightly on Thursday:

Much colder air arrives by Friday:

You can see the change in the upper level pattern as Ian's remnants pull away to the north east and the blocking pattern breaks down:

That will allow for cooler air to move in and we get back into northwest flow - cooler and dry pattern.



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