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Aside from some haze in the sky there really isn't much going on in the weather this week. At the surface there will be high pressure dominating the area over the next several days:

In the upper levels of the atmosphere there will be northwest flow. This will lead to dry conditions and also keep temperatures near normal with an area of low pressure centered on the Midwest:

Temperatures will be near/below 80° on Monday with plenty of sunshine. There may still be some haziness aloft due to the wildfire smoke still in place:

Temperatures will climb gradually through the week and we'll be in the mid 80s by Friday:

Now that we're in August our average temperatures do start to go down, but it's still a warm month. We do also start to lose more daylight and toward the middle of the month we'll start to see sunsets happen before 8 pm.

However, it can still get toasty. And it looks like temperatures could heat up during the second week of August - here's a look at the Climate Prediction Center Outlook for the 7th to 11th:

The pattern may start to become more active then too. But for now we're going to be fairy dry over the next 7 to 10 days.