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I wanted to start off with some information on StormFest... this will be a day jam packed with weather and incredible meteorologists in Le Claire, Iowa. To see the agenda you can click here: and if you'd like to reserve your spot and buy a ticket you can do so here:

The sunny, warm weather continues for Independence Day across the Midwest. We won't be seeing Mother Nature's fireworks on Sunday, but it will be hot!

It will be slightly more humid than the last few days, but not unbearable.

There won't be much going on in the skies, but you may notice some smoke/haziness in the sky. This is due to wildfires in Canada right now and the smoke trapped in the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Sunday will otherwise be dry with the chance for a few isolated showers/storms in far northern Iowa early Monday morning:

Monday itself is looking dry during the day and it will be hot!

The pattern does turn more active into the week with several chances for rain. Some models are trying to show some showers and storms Monday night, but there's some uncertainty in intensity/coverage:

The higher chance for rain will come Tuesday and Wednesday as a cold front moves through:

There could be around a half an inch to an inch of rainfall accumulation through Wednesday:

There will be another system Friday into the weekend, but that's to far out to really know where exactly it will go and how much rain it will produce.

The rain is needed, though, because despite the recent active pattern there are still many areas behind on rain in the Midwest and dealing with drought conditions:

Have a happy and healthy 4th of July!



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