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There's been a mixed bag of precipitation through the day in the Midwest. Snow mainly fell north of Highway 20, some heavy snow at times as well. To the south, temperatures have been rising Sunday:

Strong south winds will send temperatures into the 50s and 60s on Monday:

Winds will be gusting around 30-40 mph as the storm system moves across Iowa:

Rain will be scattered overnight into Monday morning in eastern Iowa into Illinois:

There may be several dry hours in the afternoon and closer to the low pressure system will be the potential for some thunderstorms. An isolated storm or two could be strong due to the amount of wind shear in the atmosphere, thanks to the spin from the low pressure system being right there:

The threat has been shifted west due to a slower approach to the low pressure system. Scattered storms will be most likely to the west of I-35 with widespread rain near the Mississippi:

This will be some beneficial water for some, but unfortunately missing some of the extreme drought area in Iowa:

Rain may linger into the late morning/early afternoon Tuesday. Temperatures will then gradually fall through the day:

Rebecca Kopelman


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