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Easter weekend was the warmest weekend of 2021 so far. Temperatures were in the 70s both days and the wind wasn't too strong, either. Temperatures were well into the 70s on Sunday:

Now let's start with the temperatures. It's still going to be mild to start the week.

Temperatures will stay steady, but by the end of the week temperatures will drop by the end of the week. Here's a look at the long term trends for Cedar Rapids:

Quad Cites:

There's going to be a frontal boundary hanging around for a few days that will be the focus of showers and thunderstorms:

Rain will be more scattered Monday:

And Tuesday:

Showers and thunderstorms will be more widespread Wednesday into Thursday:

There is still uncertainty on how strong storms will be around Iowa and Illinois, but there will be some severe weather around the region with this storm system nearby. We'll update you daily as each day becomes more clear.

Once the front clears the area that's when temperatures will start to drop toward the coming weekend.



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