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Well we all had an early taste of spring but now it seems to be taking over. Warm air has filed into the middle of the country and we've gotten back to the 70s and 80s after a month long break!

The warmth continues on Sunday with 70s and 80s back on the table:

As a storm system approaches on Monday, temperatures will stay mild:

Storms will begin to bubble up to our southwest on Monday, with strong storms expected in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska:

Storms will move in across Iowa overnight and some may be strong. Storms will be elevated and could pose a wind and hail threat overnight into Tuesday morning. An isolated strong storm is possible, but with this happening overnight storms may remain sub-severe.

There's the potential for more strong storms Tuesday, but there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding how this pans out and therefore the SPC has this broad Day 4 outlook:

The uncertainty comes in with how soon the morning convection clears and therefore where the warm front sets up. Where the front sets up is key in where the elevated severe risk will be. We're still several days out and it will take time to fine tune the details, but a day to keep an eye on.

Rebecca Kopelman


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